Goldilocks and the three bears

It was a sunny, hot day in New York and in a tall skyscraper lived three very rich bears: a father bear, a mother bear and a baby bear. It was so hot and sunny that the bears thought a morning like that deserved a nice, cool calming swim in their indoor swimming pool. They all went down to the bottom floor of their massive house (where the swimming pool was) and soon after, with the help of Mother Bear and Baby Bear, a large swimming pool was filled. It had three different depths and could light up at night. They all dived in eagerly but soon regretted that for they got frozen to the bone and had to get out. Shivering they decided to go for a stroll through the city (totally normal) so as to let their pool warm up and to dry their clothes. Before they left they remembered to turn off all the lights and turn on the pool heating but what they didn’t remember was to close the front door…

Meanwhile, Goldilocks, a pretty little girl with golden blonde hair, was walking through the vast forest of buildings on the way back from a magic competition. Fiddling with her precious wand she thought back to it… She was very good at using this peculiar tool – no make it amazing! She had entered the International competition and had come second by one point! She was absolutely devastated at this and thought she should have won for she was like a magic ninja. On the way she was planning to find something cold to cool her down (both anger wise and literally) when she came across a large glass skyscraper with an open front door, revealing a large swimming pool: heaven for someone out in America’s heat. As she was burning up, and was extremely dirty, she went to investigate whether anyone was there and if they could possibly let her swim in it. Putting her wand back in her pocket, she looked through the open door and called into the luxuriously modern ground floor, “Is anybody there?” But there was no answer. Because she was a very pretty girl you would expect to be as sweet as sugar, but you’ll soon find that she could be quite mischievous…

Cautiously she crept into the house, making a few creaks here and there but otherwise completely silent. Clumsily she knocked over a vase on the marble floor which made a deafening CRASH! She scolded herself for being so stupid, but was soon forgiven as nobody came running to see what had made the loud sound. She stopped tensing in relief. She found the swimming pool which looked just like a salmon river with real little fish swimming around. Strange. There were three levels to the pool one very deep (about four meters) one normal depth (about two meters) and one quite shallow at only one meter. Eagerly Goldilocks ran to the pool and took a massive cannonball into the first area (the big one). She shrieked for it had burnt her skin, “Way too hot!” She moved onto the next  (the medium one), “This water is too cold,” she said, so shivering she dived into the the last part of the pool (the small one). It was just right! So she stayed in there for quite a while, satisfied and pleased all the bad temperatures led up to one just right. Looking back at the pool, she saw that no one else would want to use it now because she had made it very dirty. Now feeling a bit light-headed ;(because of floating for so long) Goldilocks went to explore for something to sit down and rest her feet on.

After exploring the whole of downstairs for a comfy chair, she finally came to the next floor which she found was only kept for storage reasons. She moved on to the next one. When she reached the top, she came upon a large mat which lay underneath three glass deck chairs with pillows on. They were laid out next to each other one very large; one medium size, and one quite small. First she tried the large one but it was so hard and had hardly any pillows that her back had bruises after sitting on it. She then moved onto the second chair (the medium one) which was way to soft as she almost drowned in the lush pillows. Thirdly she moved onto the last one (the small one) and it was just right, not too hard; not too soft but just right. She sat there for about twenty seconds before it snapped under her weight.  

Goldilocks left the broken chair and moved on. Her light-headed feeling was gone but was replaced with being tired. It made sense for she had had such a hard day of lazing in a ‘just right’ swimming pool; resting in a ‘just right’ chair and coming second in Internationals. She went onto what looked like the bedroom and saw three beds laid out next to each other: one very large; one medium size and one quite small, all facing the massive window with a stunning view of the city. First she went to the biggest one and rest her head on it. It was way too hard! Next she lay on the medium sized bed but it was way too soft. Finally she tried the smallest bed and quickly fell asleep for it was ‘just right’.

As Goldilocks was sleeping, the bears returned to find that they had left the front door open. They didn’t think much of this though when they saw their filthy swimming pool (especially Baby Bear’s section) that they were so looking forward to they new that someone had broken in. Thought they were the only civilised bears in the world and had been living with humans for over thirty years now, they still had their natural bear strengths. With no fear they angrily stormed upstairs to the next floor to find Baby Bear’s chair broken. “Me again!?” Cried  bear.

Even more determined to get Goldilocks now they went up to the next level. Luckily for her they looked in every other room first so she got a minutes extra sleep, completely oblivious to the three angry bears storming around that floor. Though when they did find her she was in for a big surprise… As soon as the door was vigorously opened she was up and alert. Father bear quickly tried to grab her – but she faster. She skilfully evaded and ran for the open window. She was half way out when she realised she had a brain and used it to stop herself from jumping out of a four storie high window. The bears closed in on her, growling menacingly. Was this the end of Goldilocks? Not at all! She remembered her wand in her pocket and, being a master with it, did a little flick and teleported away, narrowly avoiding the dangerously claws of the three bears.

In anger father bear flung his enormous arm down and broke baby bears bed. “Why do my things always get broken!?” Whined baby bear, his mother comforting him. But father bear said to him not to worry as they’d get Goldilocks back.

Join us next time for the sequel: Brown Bears VS Golden Girl.


Words: 1215, words to date: 12,638

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