Brown Bears VS Golden Girl

This story is a sequel to:  Goldilocks and the three bears (it’s best to read that one first)

The day before, a little girl called Goldilocks broke into the three bears’ house and broke a lot of baby bear’s things. Determined to get her back, the three bears are going to attack her, but little do they know,  that she’d be ready for them…

It was the day after the break in and Goldilocks was preparing for the inevitable attack. She thought back to when she got chased out of the three bears’ house, “I mean,” she said to herself, “it just doesn’t make sense! They didn’t have to chase me out like angry bears! A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to get cool on a hot summer day. But the last escape was unbelievable…!” She was lost in wonder of how she had done it. She had never ever pulled off a stunt like that – not even the greatest magicians had. It was considered the hardest spell in all of Magic – and she had done it. She went off the subject of her teleportation and started thinking about what she would do to protect herself from the bears… “Well, I couldn’t beat them with my brain and tools so…magic.” She had her plan. She would beat them with magic. She lived alone, for her parents had died, and was very poor with only a small cottage left to her in her dad’s will. Though she wasn’t going to let that stop her from protecting herself and her remaining possessions.  The bears also wouldn’t be ready for full scale war in just a couple of days so she had lots of time to start practising…

Meanwhile, the bears were thinking up all of humans’ weaknesses. They managed to come up with: funny bone, ear lobes and hair. Pretty useless. Though they had been living with humans for thirty years now, they still didn’t really get them, though with some help they could do. They went to their best friend Johnny who sold salmon and honey around the corner (no wonder he’s their best friend). He was a very wise human so told them the answer in a riddle: ‘their weakness is their strength’. Mother bear asked for more information but none came, for wise people are always mysterious. They knew they couldn’t come up with any other ideas so decided to just think about it and try their best to find the meaning. They weren’t going very well, but Goldilocks was being very successful.

She had bought every magic book from the area and added it to the ones she already had in her house. ‘How did she afford to buy all of those books?’ I hear you ask. Remember, a magician never reveals their secrets. She started training extremely hard with only a few breaks a day. Her goal was to perfect every spell in the books so she could return anything fired at her. She was doing unbelievably well, and was now so powerful that she could win the Internationals at ease. She had even mastered teleportation. Now she had learned so many different spells and had a lot to choose from, she had to decide which she would use to beat the bears.  A brilliant idea popped into her mind.  She would use a shape-shifting spell.  They would be pretty useless if they weren’t big strong bears.

The three bears were all sitting down on their sofa, still trying to figure out the answer m the wise man’s riddle.  “Hmmm…’their weakness is their strength'” thought Mother Bear.  “I have it!” exclaimed Baby Bear, “their strength is their weakness.  Her strength is her magic, so if we take away her wand then we could beat her!”  They started working on a plan of how they would take her wand away from her.  “It will be very hard even to get close. She must be more powerful than she was last time,” Father Bear pointed out.  After a few hours they had the solution.  Mother Bear and Father Bear would sneak up to her cottage and pounce on her, using their weight and strength to overpower her before she could even pull out her wand.  Baby Bear thought for a second, “But what about me?  You didn’t include me in that plan.”

“It would be too dangerous for you dear, you would never come out alright.  Plus, we wouldn’t want any more of your things to get broken, would we?” replied Mother Bear.  “I suppose so,” sighed Baby Bear.  He really thought he could help, and was also very worried that something would happen to his parents.  But they had a point.  “OK, I’ll just go into the woods and chase my favourite raccoon.”  Mother Bear and Father Bear took a last look at their house and set out for revenge.

On the other side of town, Goldilocks was in her cottage in the woods making final preparations. She placed bear traps surrounding her small glade. She memorised her shape-shifting spell from her books and walked outside.  There, on each side of the door were the two bears, unseen by the young witch, looking menacing as ever.  She stood outside her door and looked out into the distance and searched for the bears in the woods. Suddenly, they quickly jumped at her from either side, but she was quicker.  She dived out of the way, away from the house.  She was surprised that they had evaded her traps so easily, but quickly pulled it together and drew out her wand.  The bears tried again to pounce at her, but before they could make contact, Goldilocks pointed her wand and chanted, “Abracadabra, animals from the zoo lands, turn these bears into humans!” She had cursed them! Now all their descendants will be human (including Baby Bear)

There was a loud crack like lightning, that could be heard from miles away. It was even heard by Baby Bear, who chasing his favourite raccoon in the nearby woods.  Curious, Baby Bear ran over to where the sound was coming from.  He didn’t realise that he was near Goldilocks’ cottage until he saw a blinding light coming from it.  Goldilocks walked back into her small cottage, satisfied with a job well done.  They wouldn’t be bothering her now, because they would now stand even less of a chance than they would have when they were bears.  Baby Bear sprinted over to where two humans lay and helped them up.  After a few seconds, he realised they were his parents, for he recognised the red tie that his dad wore and the cooking apron that his mum was so passionate about. A few moments later there was another blinding light and Baby Bear was human as well.  All three of them were bursting to get revenge, but knew they would be completely useless now they were weak humans.  Sadly, they walked back to their skyscraper home and had a swim in the pool to vent their anger.

A few days later, Baby Bear, excited, asked whether his parents would go back and try to beat Goldilocks again.  They said to him that they had given up now, and wouldn’t stand any chance.  He asked them several times more, but they had made their minds up.  But Baby Bear still wasn’t satisfied.  He was determined to get revenge.

Words: 1200, words to date: 13,829

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