Matthew’s favourite dinosaur

Matthew loved this book that his mum was reading
It was bed time in his house
He cuddled up in his duvet
And listened as the magical words came out of her mouth

Once upon a time there was a boy
Called Matthew Roar
He sat down on his colourful world mat
Then played with his favourite dinosaur

In North America
Matthew’s favourite dinosaur met an eating beast
And if he saw you in his way
He’d eat you for a feast…

This strong carnivore had very sharp teeth
And arms too short to flex
Matthew’s favourite dinosaur teased him
‘Till he found out he was a T-Rex!

T-Rex chased him through Canada
Passed the U.S.A
Followed him through Mexico
But stopped at the Panama mountain range

South America is the place
Where Matthew’s favourite dinosaur went to
There he met a massive dinosaur
He was 1000 times bigger than me and you…

It was a giant Argentinosaurus
It was a large dinosaur but it wasn’t a predator one
It was one of the biggest ever
And its neck could reach the sun!

Matthew Roar’s favourite dinosaur
Made friends with this scary looking one
And though it was so big and frightening
He was really a lot of fun

The Argentinosaurus was really fun and stretchy
And did something crazy to get his awesomeness sealed
What he did no other dinosaur could do with their neck
Stretch Matthew’s favourite dinosaur across the open sea

Matthew’s favourite dinosaur, now in Europe
To get there was lots of fun
Saw a creature, different from all the other dinosaurs
Not long necked, not short armed, but a flying one…

Matthew’s favourite dinosaur and an Archaeopteryx
Had a lovely stroll together
But the flying dinosaur was sad
Because he had lost one of his feathers

“If I gave you another feather,”
Said Matthew’s favourite dinosaur beast.
Pausing for a few seconds he asked,
“Could you fly me to Asia please?”

In Asia, Matthew’s favourite dinosaur
Had found an animal the colour of a husk
It was furry, hairy, and didn’t have many toes
It had a very long nose, and humongous tusks

“You don’t look much like the dinosaurs I know.”
Said Matthew’s favourite dinosaur
“I know. That’s because I’m a mammoth!
What can I do you for?”

Matthew’s favourite dinosaur said
That Australia was where he wanted to go
And the mammoth answered that
He’ll build a bridge for him to go straight through

In Australia
Matthew’s favourite dinosaur played a new game
A marine one called
Plesiosaurus – I think – was its name

Matthew’s favourite dino-saw
A creature that could swim to the British Isles
In other words it was a great swimmer
And could hold its breath for miles

“Could I have a ride to Africa?”
Said Matthew’s favourite dinosaur.
“Of course!” It said,
“Though whether you would fall off, I can’t be sure…”

In Africa Matthew’s favourite dino-saw
A Spinosaurus
It had teeth as sharp as razors
And being larger than a T-Rex, it’d eat us if it saw us

Not giving chance to say hello
Or to do some kind of greeting
The Spinosaurus got straight into business
And got stuck in with the eating

He chased Matthew’s favourite dinosaur
Almost getting close enough to chomp
Where he went I can’t tell you
You decide where he stopped

“Was it back in Australia or deepest Asia?”
Matthew’s mother said
“Or are they hiding right now,
Just. Under. Your. Bed?!…”


This story is dedicated to Matthew Wood, aged 5, who requested a story about a dinosaur.


582 words, total to date 4744



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