Just My Luck

Dear diary,

Something weird happened when I went to the museum today… My worst nightmare has always been getting lost in a huge, strange place on my own (for example, a museum) – and of course it’s just my luck that that’s exactly what happened.

Me and my dad were in Paris, visiting the largest museum in the world: Musee du Louvre. My mum died giving birth to me, I’ve always been a single child and so it’s always just me and dad. We are the best of teams, I wouldn’t go anywhere without him. It was the summer holidays and so we were visiting France like we did every summer. I had been looking out of the window for what seemed like five hours straight and got bird poo splatooned hundreds of times when dad said (from in front of me), “We’re almost there! Look you can see it from here…” The museum was a colossal u-shaped mansion look-a-like with pretty lights and great big doors. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as we stepped out of our parked Ford. After walking along a grand path we eventually reached it. If it were possible to be even bigger, then it was, up close.

Inside was even more magnificent: chandeliers; grand staircases; posh elevators and beautifully painted walls. Though the history was the best part… It stretched from the Egyptians to World War 2; even the dinosaurs from billions of years ago to the Vikings and the Incas with much, much more after that too. Joined with the vastness of the building, and how some of the artefacts and skeletons were quite frightening I would hate to get lost in this place. “You go on and explore. I’ll meet you back at the entrance. It’s time you learned how to enjoy things by yourself,” said Dad. I said goodbye as if I was fine with being on my own, but truthfully, I wasn’t. Though I was eleven (almost twelve) I had never been alone by myself, unless it was at home. This was going to be a difficult challenge, though I decided to go on with looking at the exhibits instead of just standing at the entrance for hours.

I decided to go upstairs via the grand elevator, for the stairs were full with visitors. Inside, instead of floor numbers, it had floor themes like Egyptians, World War 1 and many more. I pressed the button called ‘historical paintings’ and off I went. When I opened the door and looked at the paintings, I was in awe. They were so realistic and detailed that they made me feel like running around. So I did exactly that. If all the exhibits were as good as this one I’d like to see them all. I ran for what looked like a door at full speed and smashed my head against a painting! I was knocked out. That’s just my luck. I guess super realistic paintings aren’t so good after all…

I woke up with a searing pain in my forehead. I must have been out for an hour at least so I headed for the elevator, which had disappeared. Strange. There was only one door and so I was careful to make sure it was real. I went through to a room with nothing except from white sheets that must’ve been covering things. I pulled one off, to then jump back in fright. They were life-like dinosaurs! If I didn’t know any better I would run off because of the weird disappearing elevator. But instead, because of my stupidly curious mind, I touched it. That was a big mistake.

It came to life and roared louder than a lion. Really? Of all the things: a T-Rex! That’s my luck. I ran away around the room, the real life dinosaur close on my tail, not knowing what I would do. Luckily, and just in time, another door appeared which I ran through and only just managed to close behind me. I took my time to catch my breath, but when I looked up I lost it again.

Savage Vikings! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this could be worse than dinosaurs. How was I meant to survive Vikings?! They might only be statues but this time I had learnt my lesson the hard way so I was sure that I would not mess this one up. Past all the angry-faced war lords there was a door. All I had to do was tiptoe through the weapons and Vikings without stepping on or touching anything. I started my journey, fate purposely making my shoes bigger and more squeaky. I reached the door in one piece, then opened the door swiftly so as not to make the hinge creak. I must have rushed the door opening for I didn’t notice the piece of pottery next to it. It smashed on the ground and I cringed, not looking around to see what horrors I had unleashed. All I heard was: “That was my grandmother’s!”, in an angry voice and lots of swords being unsheathed. That’s just my luck.

I turned around seeing around a dozen fully armoured Viking warriors rearing to get  revenge on whoever broke one of their grandma’s pottery. I suppose I would’ve done the same. I ducked down as an arrow flew past me and into the door – which had just recently vanished. I had to think, think! What was the one thing Vikings were afraid of? Not having a worthy death.

“You cannot kill me!” I said, putting on my best ‘I’m not-afraid face’, “You cannot kill me because if you try, I will kill you before you can get close and call it a fight. Therefore, since you did not die in battle, Odin would not let you in Valhalla.” Clearly, they did not understand most of the words I cleverly thought up and said. But, they heard the words: ‘Odin’, ‘would not’, ‘let you’, ‘in’, ‘Valhalla’. So stupidly they dropped their swords and without another word let me go free. I’m not even sure I would be convinced if I was in their shoes, for I was so terrified. By now, an elevator had appeared and so I went inside and pressed the floor ‘entrance’.

I woke up with a searing pain on my forehead, disappointed that it was all a dream. Or was it… When the elevator door opened I saw that the whole museum had come to life and were very angry with me for disturbing them.

Oh! You never caught my name. It’s Just, Just My Luck.




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