My superpower

This is dedicated to Nicola, who wanted to know, “if you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be and how would you use it?”

Hi, my name’s Dave, a regular 11 year old boy. This is the story of when my life became a bit less regular because I got a super power…

It all started yesterday, when I had been ‘naughty’ in school. All I had done was put a French horn on Retaeb Reppu’s head in music – it’s not that bad. Retaeb is the class bully. I had only just realised that his name spelled ‘Beater Upper’ backwards, so when he had eventually got the brass instrument off his head and inevitably called me my famous nickname ‘Baby Dave’ I immediately had a come back of ‘Beater Upper’. My teacher immediately took me to the head’s office where they both agreed that I was such a nuisance they had to call my parents and send me home. Result! This was great! First I’d play video games then eat pizza next play video games and to finish off, play video games. This was the best day ever! Until my mum told me that I would have to clean my room…

For those of you who don’t know me, my room would be hell for you. Here’s why… The ground is so covered that now all you could see would be: mouldy banana peels (along with many other mouldy things), chocolate bar wrappers, smelly clothes and finally, for the title of my most prized possession is…my odious underwear. I have been keeping those safe since I was five and so thanks to my thoughtful protection they haven’t been washed for six years. But for me? More like heaven. For me, to have to clean it would be like killing your pet hamster. But the sooner I got it done the sooner I could play video games. Plus, mum gave me a deadline to get it done.

Hours went past and I still did nothing except from just sitting on my bed and contemplating whether I should destroy a historical artefact (pants) and play my favourite video game: ‘Flash’ or let it survive and maybe be put in a museum someday. I decided to go with my second option and so just looked out the window and waited and wished for something interesting to happen.

My wish was answered for above my window was a spider. Now, I hated spiders so it would make me really annoyed if it came through my window. I searched for a something long, for my arms couldn’t reach, and eventually found my metal drumstick. I stretched my arm as far as it could go, but the tip of the stick still wasn’t close enough to whack the spider hanging from the guttering. Since I had nothing better to do, I tried this for several minutes. Within those minutes it had suddenly started to rain – hard. Soon the sky was grey and it started to hail and I could even hear thunder and see lighting in the distance. A storm was coming…

Determined to get the spider I carried on trying. As you know, I was quite a naughty guy at school and didn’t really pay attention to any of my lessons. Now, if I had listened in science, for example, I would be clever enough to know not to stick something long and metal outside in the middle of a storm. That’s when I got struck by lightning.

It burnt at first, but only for a little bit. After about five seconds it just felt like a little tingle. I looked all over my body, checking for any signs of injury but I looked alright. I didn’t feel alright though. I felt different, but not in a good or a bad way. I let this pass and decided I was back to normal. Looking at the time I saw that mum’s deadline was in five minutes!

I started to clear away faster than anyone in the world could, because if my mum found out she would ground me for life. After stuffing the second pair of dirty socks into my drawer I brought a whole new meaning to fast.

I felt as if I was moving at a normal speed but I could see with my eyes that I was definitely moving abnormally. I looked at the time which read that I had around thirty seconds left before my mum came storming upstairs. As if it were possible I started moving faster than I already was, my own arms a blurr in front of my eyes. I started to hear my mum climbing up the stairs expecting for me to have not cleared my room. For once she was wrong. As she opened the door, preparing her vocal chords for shouting I was ready, lying on my bed and reading my book. She was so surprised that I had actually done what she had told me for once. I was also very surprised by what had just happened but decided not to tell her -yet – what had happened. I could have some fun with this new ability I had just got… Still stunned she let me go downstairs to play ‘Flash’ and even said I could invite a friend round now school had now finished.

I took her advice and invited my friend Tom to come and play my game. He said that he would because he had never been to my house before. In fact, none of my friends had ever been to my house as a result of me being badly behaved all the time. Soon after the call, he arrived, excited to play the game. Before we started, I decided to play a little prank on him using my new abilities. I told him that I didn’t really play the game very much and was terrible at it when in truth I played it as much as I possibly could and so was probably the best in the world. Though now, with my abilities: probably in the universe! The way you play the game is basically smash as many buttons as you can, as fast as you can. We started and I smashed the buttons as fast as I could which accessed my super speed. He was so surprised that he had to rage quit (where you quit when you’re losing badly). After a few more games of me utterly annihilating him he left for home. Now, I thought, what to do next…?

For dinner, we were having the most disgusting food of all – mushrooms. Unfortunately it wasn’t just a mushroom on the side, it was a mushroom buffet! The meal was made up of: mushroom soup, mushroom risotto, mushroom pie, mushroom pizza, mushroom stuffed mushrooms – I could go on. Knowing that I couldn’t get away with avoiding them, a plan popped into my head… As everybody knows, the best way to eat something you hate is to eat it as fast as possible. So, using my speed I could eat it so fast I couldn’t even taste it. In addition to that, every time my mum makes the one meal I despise, she gives the best reward: chocolate pudding. I chewed my mushrooms as fast as a hamster would chew its cage, only to find out I could s,till taste it! I spat the remaining mushroom out of my mouth in disgust. I decided to stop for the taste was so bad… But something was calling for me to eat it – the pudding! If anything could drive me to eat my least favourite food it was my favourite food. I gulped down the mushrooms, determined to get my pudding. I was so concentrated on ignoring the taste of the mushrooms that I didn’t even look at my plate. Though the next time I did they were all gone.

I went upstairs to bed, struggling because of all the mushrooms and delicious pudding I had eaten. The dangerous storm was still going on above my head, thunder and lightning ruling the skies. Though it was ten o’clock I still wasn’t tired. I had never seen my room clean before and in honesty it looked quite nice – but I still liked it better dirty. I looked out the window to see if the spider was still there – it was. I hated spiders almost as much as I hated mushrooms, so if one was hiding in my room I would actually call the exterminator. I looked around for my metal drumstick but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. Close to giving up I looked out the window to see lots of sticks on the ground. In the distance lightning struck and I saw its reflection on my stick. I must have dropped it when I got struck by lightning. I sprinted downstairs and into the garden faster than a peregrine falcon catches its prey. It was close to pitch black and the only stationary light was from the moon. I could see lots of sticks but none was either my drumstick or long enough to substitute for it. How was I meant to find it in all this?

The rain was a torrent as I picked up the sticks, one by one. After about the thirtieth stick I picked one up that felt different from all the others. It was probably my drumstick but I had to be sure. I held it up as high as I could so as to catch the blue light of the moon. As soon as I caught it I was struck by lightning – again.

And from then on I no longer had my powers…all because I didn’t listen in a science lesson.


Words: 1601, words to date: 11,203

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