This is dedicated to Chris Hodge who wanted a story about my best holiday ever and to Chris Brown who wanted the best thing that had happened this week. Well, it was the best thing that happened that week.

Saturday 26th October 2013

Today I woke up to the beautiful weather of Italy shining in through the bedroom window of our temporary hotel. With my family and all our suitcases, we headed down the thirty-four steps to the breakfast room. We ate delicious croissants and drank Belgian hot chocolate. After breakfast we left for the airport to collect our hired car, which we used to drive to Tropea.

Our hotel in Tropea was amazing! It had a gym, a swimming pool and the most stunning of views. Plus it was almost entirely made out of shiny white marble. When we had finished looking at the hotel Mum and Dad realised that they had forgotten to return our room key (from the other hotel) to the owner. Though all was soon well for they phoned him up and he said that we could return it when we go back to the airport. We asked some nearby staff where the hotel’s private beach (‘beach number one’) was then headed off. Chiedza and I had a swim but mum and dad just lazed about on the deck chairs.

When we were feeling hungry we went into town and ate at a restaurant with mouth-watering food. When we returned, my sister and I had another swim, but in the swimming pool this time, for it was still relatively light. After that, we went to bed. An exciting activity awaited us tomorrow!

Sunday 27th October 2013

Today we got properly settled in, then went to ‘beach number two’ which was beautiful because of the clear water and how I could see many multi-coloured fish with my new snorkel. We played some beach games then moved on to ‘beach number three’. We were not pleased with this one; there was a lot of litter. Because of that disappointing flaw Chiedza and I voted to go back to the second one. Obviously mum and dad preferred the first one with deck chairs so, because we couldn’t decide, we just had lunch instead…

Monday 28th October 2013

When I woke up I was surprisingly starving but found out it was because I had ‘slept in’. Nobody else was in our room so I walked downstairs in my pyjamas to the table where my family were having breakfast. I stuffed myself with croissants, bacon, egg and pain au chocolat – not caring about the strange mix. Having taken ages to finish the luxurious breakfast we finally all headed down to beach ‘number four’. On the way we got a bit lost. Though we followed the correct co-ordinates we ended up up high in a sight seeing mountain. Making the most of our high up viewing point we looked at the beautiful view of the ocean before following it along to find our beach.

Inevitably Mum and Dad searched for two deck chairs and Chiedza and I went into the warm clear sea. It was especially good for me for I had a snorkel and so could see the wildlife. That wasn’t such a good thing for I spotted a slimy octopus and shouted out – a bit too loud for I only meant it for my sister – that everyone should get out! So I ruined everyone’s fun in the ocean, as they ran away screaming… Once we had finished in the water we went back up to the mountain where there was a snack bar. We all had a double ice-cream each and my flavour was Nocciola.

At about six o’clock we drove back into town and explored, searching for places to eat. Eventually, using my acute looking skills I spotted a nice looking restaurant down a small alley way.

Tuesday 29th October 2013

That morning we went to ‘beach number four’ again but were a bit disappointed for there were a lot of jellyfish. Local children started to notice as well and start catching them which was a bit mean but made me less scared to go in the water. They called the jellyfish ‘Medusa’ and so whenever they saw one they’d shout that word. After about an hour in the water my sister got bored so I went in with my mum. Unfortunately we were both soon out for I got stung by a jellyfish and mum’s finger got skewered by an urchin. For approximately an hour we hung around that beach just relaxing. Chiedza and I walked over to where the locals were catching jellyfish and counted that they had caught around a hundred!

Later on a man who owned a pedalo asked us whether we wanted to use it and so (since we had nothing better to do) we agreed. Some of the ride was fun because we could stick our hands in the water and all sorts of strange and pretty sea-creatures would come up to the surface. Because the water was so clear you could also see things like underwater mini-mountains and weird animals.

Because it was so delicious, we went to the same restaurant as the night before and I ate something called a chicken-on-a-brick. It was literally a block of really well cooked and flavoured chicken. Mum had some sort of fish risotto and Dad had a mixed fish dish with pasta that was mouth-wateringly, finger-lickingly, lip-smackingly and tantalisingly heavenly. Therefore, I asked him for half of his for an exchange of half of my chicken on-a brick. Fortunately he agreed and it was a great swap for he thought mine was mouth-wateringly, finger-lickingly, lip-smackingly and tantalisingly heavenly too. Chiedza just had a pizza with no tomato sauce, just cheese. It wasn’t that good…

Wednesday 30th October 2013

Today we were going to go to the amphitheatre in Sicily by ferry for a day. It was a very long journey to the port were we would board our ferry and on the way we went through twenty-six tunnels. In Sicily we drove to the car park near the theatre then walked the rest of the way through the tourist buzzing streets. There were so many beautiful souvenirs but  my choice of souvenir was ice-cream! The amphitheatre’s walls looked very broken because of its age. Inside we sat down and listened to someone tell us the history of Sicily, which would have been more interesting if it wasn’t in Italian!

Thursday 31st October 2013

On the way to our favourite beach our tyre got punctured from a hole in the road. Luckily, Mum and Dad managed to fix it. If they hadn’t (for it was a rented car) we would have had to pay for a pick up truck and to have it repaired. Chiedza and I had another enjoyable swim in the ocean where there were now no jellyfish. When we had finished we all went out for ice-cream in town where there were around fifty different flavours. Dad became obsessed with the word ‘Tartufo’ (which was a type of ice-cream) and wouldn’t stop saying it for the rest of the day…

I skipped out Friday again because we were on a plane. 🙂

I skipped out the plane because it was to good to write… I loved it because of how I spent the whole time watching films and when I wasn’t doing that I slept. 🙂

Words: 1196, words to date: 20,289



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