Chloe the clay dance teacher (kids’ version)

This story is dedicated to 2-year-old Willow, who loves dancing and playdough.  Her mum Vicky asked for a bedtime story for her. This version is less grown-up than the last one, but probably still a bit too grown-up for Willow.  Maybe she can enjoy it in a few years’ time?

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Willow who loved to dance. She went to a dance club called Madam Tutu’s Dance Academy For Girls. In a week’s time, there would be a competition (where lots of people dance and if you dance well enough you would get a prize). She really liked it at her club but she wasn’t as good at dancing as the other girls, and she didn’t have anyone to help her practise at home!

On Tuesday, after her breakfast, Willow ran upstairs to her room and started playing with her favourite toy – play dough. She had made lots of things before: flowers, ice-cream, lollipops and even little girls like herself. And that, she decided, was what she was going to do today. She started with the hair, then the dress, and then the dancing shoes. When she was finished and was happy with it she gave her play dough girl a name – Chloe. She played with Chloe so it looked like she was dancing. Willow was having a great time, but she had to stop playing to go to her dance lessons…

After her lesson, Madam Tutu told the girls who had been chosen to go to the dancing competition to win the prize. Willow and Jess (her best friend) were hoping to go, and wished that the prize would be strawberry ice-cream (their favourite). Lots of people were chosen, including Jess, but Willow was sadly left out. She wouldn’t be going to get strawberry ice-cream after all.

When Willow got home, she ran upstairs and decided to give up. She heard a little voice saying, “Never give up!” It was Chloe!  Her play dough model had come to life! With Chloe’s help, Willow became a great dancer. The next time Willow went to her dance club everyone was really surprised and said that she was very good. Madam Tutu said she could come and watch the other girls dance at the competition!

A couple of days later, Willow and the other girls went to London for the dance competition. While Jess was practising, she hurt herself so badly that she couldn’t dance in the competition. Willow was sad about her friend, but she had to dance in her place. Just before she went on stage, Willow took Chloe out of her bag and told her that she was feeling scared. Chloe told her not to worry; “Don’t give up! You’re one of the best dancers here and you’re sure to win. I believe in you.” Willow felt better.  She went out and danced really well – so well that she won the competition! She got a medal, but there wasn’t any strawberry ice-cream.


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One thought on “Chloe the clay dance teacher (kids’ version)

  1. Great story Josh. I love the idea of a playdough figure speaking wisdom to the little girl.
    Wondered if you might right a story for Easter imagining you as one of the crowd on Palm Sunday or Good Friday or even watching the events in the garden on the Sunday. Love Julia


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