The Hole Too High to Climb

Hi, my name’s Tom, and this is the story of when I went from hating someone to us becoming the best of friends. This is how it started…


I’d never wanted my privacy more than I did that day. My cousin Jason was coming round with his family to stay for 2 days, and so I had to share my room. My dad said that if I liked him he could stay for the whole week – like that was going to happen! I’ve always been a single child, and don’t have any friends at school, so have never got to spend much time with other kids. The attitude of not wanting friends, led to disliking them. I decided to hate Jason because he was another kid my age (a possible threat/friend) and ‘invading’ my room space. As a 13-year-old boy: space was important. I had to get rid of him as soon as possible.


“Hello, hello! Thank you! Yes, come in! Lunch is just ready.” My mother greeted them as they came in – I just glared. When the table was set (which I didn’t help with) we all sat down to eat dad’s homemade quiche, which was admittedly delicious. After lunch, dad told me to take Jason on a walk around the neighbour hood or to the woods. Inevitably, I argued that I was too full to walk – but nothing got past my dad. “Fine.” I said begrudgingly. A few minutes later we were off; and me with a spring in my step, for I had conjured up an evil plan to get rid of Jason. I called it, The Hole Too High To Climb.


“So,” he asked,” where are we going?”

“Just the woods.” I said trying to veil my excitement for my genius plan. For the rest of the short walk we were silent. When we reached the woods (our town’s star attraction) you could see why so many people came here. The tall silver birch trees held the most beautiful of animals: red tailed squirrels; deer, baby birds learning how to fly, and even preying owls! At one point a told Jason to carry on walking and then ran ahead to cover up my hole with leaves. I knew these woods well and, according to my calculations, there were only a few more minutes until we were at the position where the plan would take place – the hole.


There were many holes in these woods. My plan was to walk him into one, then run off. This would lead to him hating me and, after getting out, would beg to go home. Although, I seemed to be having second thoughts… Too late for that I thought as Jason, having done nothing wrong to me, was meanly tricked into a 9-foot-deep hole. “Help!” He pleaded. Only a few steps away from the hole, I knew I had done wrong. So I went back to help, only to fall in with him.


“Great! Now we’re both down here!” He exclaimed, “Why were you even trying to get me down here in the first place?!” I didn’t answer. There had to be a way out of there… Just then, I had it. “I’ll give you boost!” I offered and without another word, within 5 minutes we were out of the ‘hole too high too high to climb’!


After the walk, Jason and I were the best of friends for I apologised and we helped each other get out of the hole. I told my dad that I wanted Jason to stay for as long as possible and begged him for some more of the delicious quiche.            That day I learned that having a friend was AMAZING!


And that tricking someone into falling into a 9-foot-deep hole is never a very nice thing to do.

633 words, total to date 1575

Date: 12/02/16


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