How the elephant got his trunk

Long ago

In a far away land

Elephants lived

With noses as small as man’s


An elephant’s child was:

Not full of ferocity

Not timid or mild

But spilling with curiosity


He asked so much

But nobody listened

They just spanked his butt

Until his eyes glistened


One day, he asked the question of

“What does the crocodile eat?”

But nobody answered because,

They knew it was elephant meat.


One day he went off

Tired of getting spanked

To the river of Boff

The crocodile bank


The elephant’s child

Was eager to ask

For most just lied

Or teased or laughed


When the crocodile was asked

It just grinned

“Food at last!

I think I’ll have elephants child for dins!”


They struggled a while

Pain was what the elephant could feel

The child trying to run away

But the croc, going in for the kill!


His nose he bit

Harder than he had been spunked*

Croc pulled and pulled with all his might

Until out came a long useful trunk


*Made up word meaning spanked. Used to make the poem rhyme.

Date: 13/02/16

166 words, total to date 2077

This is dedicated to Neil Weston, my great-godfather, who gave the idea of “updated “Just So Stories” – how different animals acquired their distinctive characteristics.”


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