James in the giant rolling peach

You’ll only get this first poem if you’ve seen the film or read the book ‘James and the Giant Peach’. This poem is about when he’s rolling around town inside the peach with all the insects.


James in the giant rolling peach

Speeding up

This really sucks

Squashed arachnid

Caterpillar Backflip

Down a hill

Brain cell kill

Rolling round

Very loud

Really frightened


Better now

Slowing down…

Just hit a church

Body lurch

End it nicely?

Not likely

Passed a house

Squashed a mouse

Through a beach

Mouthful of peach

Final length

Must find strength

Queasy, Wheezy

This isn’t easy

Quick, Quick

Need a cup

Nope, too late

I just threw up

77 words, total to date (including all today’s poems): 942


































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