Delicious food

Toad in the hole

Chocolate cake

Stringy cheese rolls

Nacho bake

Crumble and custard

Crispy lettuce

Sausage and mustard

Olives and feta

Pie and pizza

Purple velvet beets

Garlic-fried leeks – EEERRH!

And fatty meat

Blood red berries

Cheesy Doritos

Sweet and sour cherries

Mexican burritos

Tasty linguine

Butter spread

Flavoursome Panini

And crispy bread

Green guacamole

Greasy cheese

Yummy ravioli

And mushed up peas

Salty chips

Onion rings

Spicy dips

Chicken wings

Tomato puree

Pixie Stix

Strawberry parfait

And crunchy Twix

Christmas candy cane

Oily macaroni

Lots of sugar grains

Delicious minestrone

93 words, total to date (including all today's poems): 942


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